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Getting Started with NDIS

Disclaimer – All Information on our website about NDIS is provided to you in good faith however it could become out of date and we refer you directly to the National Disability Insurance Scheme to access the latest.

Visit the NDIS website for up to date information about when and where the NDIS is being made available to Australians. To get started you can download the Accessing the NDIS Fact Sheet or use the My NDIS Pathway guide to becoming an NDIS participant.

Understanding NDIS Support

At Unicopia, we will support you on your NDIS journey by ensuring you get the most out of your NDIS plan by connecting you with our staff who are well trained and equipped to help you utilize NDIS services.

NDIS Explained

NDIS which stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, offers a new approach for people living with disability to access support services and funding.

It is administered by NDIA, the National Disability Insurance Agency. You can access NDIS to get what you need to reach your goals. These can include:

  • healthcare access
  • therapy and or equipment 
  • items enabling you or your child go to school, sports clubs or participate in community groups
  • support for your family to care for you or your child
  • anything that will help the NDIS recipient to be more independent.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme identifies these points as:

  • Access to mainstream services and supports
  • Access to community services and supports
  • Maintaining your informal support arrangements

Receiving reasonable and necessary supports.

Who is Eligible for NDIS services

NDIS eligibility is defined by age for people aged 0-65 who live with permanent or significant disability. NDIS is therefore for persons who will probably have a disability their entire life, and it affects how they engage in everyday activities like cooking and other house work, taking care of their essential needs or going to work or school.

You / your child will be eligible for the NDIS if the access requirements as published by NDIS are met. The following requirements are part of these:

Age requirement (anyone below the pension age adressed in these categories):

  • children 0-14
  • teenagers  15-17 
  • Adults aged 18-64 

Residency requirements

  • Your physical location and your citizenship status

Disability requirements

  • The type of disability you or your child lives with
  • How long they will have the disability for
  • How it affects them in their everyday life.

Personalized NDIS Planning

If you or your child are eligible to become an NDIS participant, you will be asked to work with an NDIS planner to create and maintain your personalized NDIS plan. The plan will capture your needs and assure you receive the support you require. It will include things like:

  • Provider choices to fulfill your support and service needs
  • It will capture services you may already receive
  • It will map your support structure from family, doctors, disability support workers and more
  • It will capture and address new goals you set yourself with the aid of NDIS support

Your First NDIS plan

At Unicopia we can provide complete plan management. We also work with other plan managers in receiving referrals to provide any of our services contained in your NDIS plan.

Assistive Technology with NDIS

NDIS offers both Assistive Technology support as well as fund home modifications for eligible participants to enable their lives through technology. Right from the start we advise for you to discuss your equipment needs for yourself or your child that you are aware of.

Throughout the planning stage initial equipment needs will be discussed. Identifying eligible equipment you would like the NDIS to fund (e.g. vision aid equipment, a wheelchair, digital access technology, communication systems to only name a few)

If you or your child seek new equipment or need to upgrade current equipment, discuss these needs with your planner and include hours for assessment and recommendation. You will need hours to cover appointments, to engage a physical therapist if needed and also for the assessor to organize quotes and to submit  and process the funding request to the NDIA.

Early Childhood Intervention

The Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) supports children under 7 years of age who have a developmental delay or disability and their families and carers. It supports families to help children develop the skills they need to take part in daily activities and achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their life.

Early childhood intervention is important because the earlier you can provide support to a child and their family, the more likely it is that the long term impacts of developmental delays and disabilities will be reduced. Early childhood intervention is the foundation for children and families. If we get those early years right for both the children and the families, then they’re the strong foundations for the future.

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