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Absolute Positive Workplace

Unicopia is blessed to have a positive work culture, which flows onto positive support to our participants.  It truly starts at the top tier of the organisation and filters through everyone.  Unicopia’s Managing Director Dr Christopher Cameron (Cee Cee to most people meets), has a clear & strong vision for Unicopia.  This vision, includes embracing every individual that Unicopia touches, whether an employee or participant, and work on positivity & building strong & transparent relationships.

Shared amongst the team recently was this amazing outlook on choosing an unconditional positive approach to managing a team.  This approach embraces our team in support and many levels such as professional development, mentoring, emotional support, confidence building & general health and well being.

It almost seems oxymoronic to be in a health service industry, but not focus on your own people first.  Here is a link to explain unconditional positive regard in the workplace.   We hope it helps other workplaces too.

‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ in the workplace

We believe our participants will benefit from this culture and leadership approach tenfold.  This is directly due to a workforce who feel supported, appreciated, energised and positive.

We welcome any enquiries about how Unicopia is a different workplace.  We are happy to share our experiences and provide leadership to the NDIS Support Industry in modelling this culture.