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What Is Support Coordination

Support Coordination, previously known as service coordination, is a line item found in your NDIS plan.  This service provided by Unicopia, enables you to engage the supports and resources specified in your NDIS plan. 

Our support coordinator understands your NDIS plan and will work with you to upskill and educate you on how to utilise your plan, simplifying the terminology and reducing what may appear at first as complicated and overwhelming.  We understand which services will require referrals, and will take you through the journey of organising resources or services (eg. equipment, low cost assistive technology, consumable purchasing) and any other needs that arise through your NDIS plan period. 

Most importantly to the role and benefit of utilising a support coordinator is managing complaints, conflicts or just dissatisfaction with services and supports you have received.  Your Unicopia support coordinator is a buffer to remove that stress and burden from you, we will handle the management at every step of your journey.

Another very important function of Unicopia’s support coordination is to assist you with preparing for a review.  This means identify reports and evidence required, in a timely manner to assist with you next review.

We are fortunate to have a highly skilled support coordinator, with an extensive history working in the disability sector.  Find out today how Unicopia can assist you on your NDIS journey.

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