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Assistive Technology in your NDIS plan

Assistive Technology, also known in the NDIS as AT, is the equipment you might need to help you with everyday tasks. To get ready for your planning meeting, think about your assistive technology needs and your current and future goals.

Tip 1 – Think about your current assistive technology. how well is your equipment working. How well does it meet your current needs? Does it need to be repaired or replaced? You may be eligible to have replacement AT included in your plan, without needing a full reassessment and with only one quote. Funding for the regular maintenance and repair to your assistive technology may also be included in your NDIS plan.

Tip 2- Think about your goals. Think about how well your current assistive technology helps you achieve the specific goals set out in your plan. Is there a new or different type of equipment you need to help you meet your goals over the next 12 to 24 months? For example, do you need a new application to use on your tablet or smartphone, modified cutlery, a visual doorbell, a specialised bed, or an improved seat cushion for your wheelchair? Remember that assistive technology under one-thousand five hundred dollars can usually be purchased without the need for an assessment or quotes, once approved in your NDIS plan. Where assistive technology is included in your plan, funding to help you select set up or learn how to use your AT is likely to be included in your capacity building budget. Tip 3 – Get your paperwork ready. Your planner or Local Area Coordinator needs to understand as much about you as possible to create your NDIS plan. Gather clinical assessment documents, quotes or reports that tell us about your needs and that have not already been provided to the NDIA. You can upload these to the myplace participant portal before your planning meeting, or bring them along with you. Detailed information about preparing for your planning meeting, as well as how to purchase and manage your assistive technology is available on the NDIS website. To find out more about Assistive Technology visit ndis.gov.au/at

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