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Mental Health – Newly diagnosed

Are you struggling with a mental health diagnosis?

You may have been diagnosed with different illnesses throughout the course of your life, or maybe you now have a new diagnosis relating to mental health. 

Learning you have a mental health condition can be a relief, but also overwhelming.   Having a diagnosis can impact the way you see yourself and your place in life. 

“I am Bipolar”, “I am schizophrenic”, “I have anxiety’.

Hold up a minute though – you are a person!  You are more than your diagnosis.

Definition:  Illness (noun) a disease or period of sickness
affecting the body or mind.

Definition:  Diagnosis (noun) the identification of the nature of an
illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.

When you consider the definitions of an illness and diagnosis, it has no cause for negative stigma association with a mental health condition.  Society is slow to adjust public perception and these changes in public understanding are moving slowly.  Nevertheless, change is happening and more people every day, from all walks of life are dealing with a new diagnosis. 

We found this article on Healthyplace.com .   This site is self proclaimed to be the largest consumer mental health site on the net. They provide authoritative information and support to people with mental health concerns, along with their family members and other loved ones.

Exert from Healthyplace.com below.

You are more than your mental illness symptoms

Having a diagnosis has its down sides – due to the stigma with some diagnosis, it can cause others to discriminate against you.  You may doubt yourself, your abilities or develop low self esteem. 

But having a diagnosis also has advantages – it can help you understand what is happening to you, it can help you get access to services and also help you to know what treatments are best.

Mental illness diagnosis have a purpose, just like names for other illness such as having a flu, or having cancer. When we know what is affecting us we can get the help and support we need.  Don’t let your diagnosis become you – you are a person with many things happening in your life. Use your diagnosis to make things better for you – don’t use it to get stuck in an identity that may change! You may be a mother, you may be a dog lover, you may be someone who has experienced depression, and you may be someone who is currently feeling anxious. Its all part of being human – you are complex and brilliant and one of a kind.

You Are More Than Your Mental Illness Symptoms | HealthyPlace

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