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Worry Tree

Do you notice that sometimes you can get caught up in a negative thinking spiral?

It happens to all of us at one time or another, but sometimes worries can take over and stop us from enjoying life.

There are many different ways to manage worries and anxiety. The ‘Worry Tree’ is one way to break down your thoughts on paper, and help you to shift focus. Grab a pen and paper and have a go yourself, or sit down with your therapist or support worker, and have a practice at putting your worries on the Worry Tree.

  • Notice what you are worrying about.
  • Ask yourself – is your worry a current problem or are you worried about something that may happen?
  • If the worry is about something you can not do anything about right now, learn some strategies to let it go.
  • If the worry is something you can do something about now, then make an ACTION plan.
  • Take action now and let the worry go. Or schedule the action for another time, and let the worry go.

Our Family Therapist Kelle has shared the below helpful tool in managing anxiety

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